My Stages of Grace™

Grace in The Real World: Using Scripture and Science to Live in the Spirit
Understand your God-given gifts to find true power, fulfillment and serenity



Are you struggling to find purpose?
Do you ask yourself if there’s more you were made to do?
Are you tired of getting in your own way?


If you take a moment and think of that one thing that you enjoy doing SO much, you could spend the rest of your life doing it and be completely happy. Chances are “that one thing” is using a strength or a gift that God has given you.

We believe that each of us have our own strengths and talents. These gifts that God has given you are special and unique to you. Understanding and accepting those gifts, and utilizing them to glorify Him, serve Him and serve others is the only thing that makes a person truly fulfilled.

With this belief in mind, My Stages of Grace™ provides a day of growth and transformation developed uniquely for you. We offer a dynamic resource to become closer and more intimate with God – finding true power, fulfillment and serenity by using your unique gifts. You will walk away from this special day knowing who God has equipped you to be; and you will have a clear plan on how to put your gifts into action to become a purposeful participant in your congregation, your community and in all of your relationships.


Our Statement of Faith
  • We believe in One, Almighty God – the God of Abraham.
  • We believe in His Son, Jesus Christ who was sent (and willingly agreed) to give up His life in one eternal exchange for our sins.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit as Messenger and Manifestor of God’s gifts.
  • We believe in the importance of a personal relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • Within that context, we believe denomination to be immaterial.
  • We believe God has a plan for all people. The fact that we may not know what that plan is, is immaterial. We know that HE knows, and we are content.
  • We believe that wherever you are in your faith journey is okay. It is, after all, a journey.

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